Grigorii Gerdzhikov

Officer. Engineer. Entrepreneur.

The Human Swarm

My vision is to bring human collaboration to the next level

A bee is a simple insect. Alone, it is easy prey and cannot survive. However, the bee swarm is a complex organism. This form multiplies the cognitive capabilities of the individuals. It allows them to make creative decisions, defeat threats and outperform many other living organisms.

Imagine: a team of humans working as a swarm. One person can write a symphony, a team of engineers can build a spaceship, what will a human swarm be able to do?

I dedicate myself on the pursuit of this vision. Therefor, I use technical solutions, scientific method, soft skills and different collaboration techniques. This site is a documentation of my journey towards the human swarm. I hope you will find it both exciting and inspiring.

- Grigorii

About me


In 1999 I moved from Bulgaria to Berlin, Germany. There I finished the Lycée Français de Berlin (elite french high school) and began my studies in physical engineering. However, two years into the university, I decided not to be a narrow specialist sitting all the time behind a screen.

I joined the Bundeswehr (German Federal Armed Forces) in 2011 as an officer candidate. My goal was to learn leadership, how to build up teams and achieve superior goals. From my perspective, my service is also a symbol of gratitude: I'm thankful to Germany, Europe and my unbelievable luck to live here at this time. I want to use my privileges to make sure other people can have a peaceful, secure and happy life too.


While studying aerospace engineering at the Bundeswehr Universtity Munich (university of the Federal Armed Forces) I focused on autonomous systems; at first programming drones using swarm theory. Later I used swarm algorithms to organize and optimize product development.

Since December 2019 I'm a PhD-Candidate at the Bundeswehr University Munich. My goal is to find out how exactly to create a swarm of engineers for product development tasks. This could allow teams to scale (120 members and more) without the typical human chaos of such big groups.


I remember how I wanted to start a library when I was 8 years old. The idea of earning money by lending books fascinated me: why does this work?! Some years later I drew comics and sold them in my school. Just before graduating from high school I joined a team and organized small parties for high school students.

Those first entrepreneurial steps are long gone. Nowadays I advise startups as a strategic mentor and I work with a berlin-based business angel on his portfolio. Actually, this website presents my own engineering venture, specialized in product development.



Initiative for transparency

All content on this webpage reflects my own opinion. I do not speak for any organisation (GO, NGO) and I do not receive payment to keep the website running. I do not accept any kind of donations from organisations or individuals.


You would like to connect, book me for a talk at your event or look for business partnership? Just write me a short email:

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